Recipes + Tips for Healthy Travel

Growing up we used to travel quite a bit, long hauls, short hauls, you name it… I’ve been there. My last attempt to fly was 2 weeks before this Christmas past to London, England. However, after packing our bags, checking-in, and doing all of the somewhat headache tasks associated with the travel we were all snuggled in our blankets ready for take-off when the pilot announced that the flight was cancelled due to the fact that the door would not close.

Anyways back on track here… As you can probably tell I’m not one to fast on planes, I mean I’d like to get to my destination fast but not to take a break from eating for an extended period of time. A tired person with no food in their stomachs is not someone you want to be around am I right? However, let’s face it, traveling and eating healthy food can be tough. I don’t like airplane food because sometimes… ok or a lot of the time the meals don’t taste good and they are loaded with sodium and other preservatives which would upset my sensitive gut.

When you’re about to face a long flight you have to come prepared, and I’m about to break it down for you my friends, all of my tips, recipes/snack ideas, and ways to keep your mind and body nourished at 35, 000 ft.

Pre-packaged food:

I’m not a huge one for bars, but when you’re travelling sometime they are the easiest thing to grab to snack on. My favourite go-to’s are Larabars + GoMacro; they are made with minimal ingredients and are sure to fill you up. Along with my bars I often pack a cup or two of instant oatmeal, the Purely Elizabeth cups are perfect. I’ll just kindly ask the flight attendant for some water and we are set to go.

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Breakfast: If you don’t have access to instant oats or don’t want to ask for warm water, pack some overnight oats. I’ve really been digging the ease of overnight oats as of late, so I’ll be bringing those on board too. Might I add that they are TSA approved!

Travel friendly overnight oats:

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats

  • 1 cup almond milk

  • 1 Tbsp chia seeds

  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon

  • 1-2 Tbsp coconut yogurt

  • 1/4 tsp vanilla

Method: Add to a mason jar, shake, and cover to set overnight.

Dinner/lunch: I try to keep it real simple for all my food when I’m traveling… that means I bring things like brown rice, hummus, beans, some roasted veggies, and a source of healthy fat like avocado on board. I also discovered that two slices of ezikiel toast with some nut butter is the perfect easy meal, I just buy a banana on the other side of security, slice it up and have my meal!

Snacks: I’m a huge grazer so snacks like homemade energy balls (in the April newsletter), oat bars like the ones I made from my friend Alexandra from “In my Bowl” with nourishing healthy fats and ingredients. Pre-packaged bars like GoMacro or larabar are the perfect spike of energy I need when fresh food isn’t available. On the savoury side of things I enjoy are carrot sticks, crackers, and veggie crisps.


  • HYDRATE: This might come obvious to you, but hydrating while travelling is so important. I begin increasing my hydration 24 hours before traveling to keep my skin hydrated at 35k feet. I am a huge fan of my Hydroflask.

  • TEA: I always bring individual packets of tea to keep my system running smoothly and caffeinated, I bring my matcha whisk along with my matcha and chai.

  • ENTERTAINMENT: Let’s get real, being sat on a plane for several hours can get somewhat boring, however I use it as a time to unplug and disconnect from the real world. Bring along a book or listen to a good podcast, you’ll be happy you took advantage of this time.

  • SKINCARE: Sitting in recycled air your skin can definitely dry out. I add an extra layer of moisturizer to keep my skin soft and supple before and after flying. This is somewhat not skincare related but when I fly I always make sure I bring my hand sanitizer, because germs are everywhere (I use this one here).

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