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This month I had the honour to interview Jess Schnitzer, or as you may know her as Shut the Fig Up on her blog and Instagram. Jess it the ultimate meal prep queen, authentic soul, and her recipes are beyond gorgeous. Jess not only shares insightful recipes + aesthetically pleasing photos, she often discusses self-care, her struggles with health, and everyday living. I hope you enjoy reading her interview as much as I did, and discover a dose or more of inspiration through this empowering women’s words. Let’s get into it!

Hi Jess! To kick off our interview, I want to start out by saying thank you for joining the Inspired Series. I am so excited for you to join us and let’s start out by you introducing yourself to readers!

  1. I gather that you unfortunately struggled with some health issues in your past, and as you have stated your health is still a work in progress. If you can, could you please give readers a background as to what inspired you to join the health/wellness community?

    I got diagnosed with PCOS & Hashimoto’s Disease in 2014 which sent me on this quest of healing through real food & lifestyle changes. It was then I learned how true it was that what you put IN your body, ON your body, & how you choose to live your life can truly affect your health. Through that, I became incredibly passionate about the food I put in my body, nutrition, & self-care. Which lead to a deep desire to want to share that passion with woman who felt the same way or had the same struggles!

2. Natalie (from Nutritiously Natalie) has dubbed you as “the meal prep queen,” and I can see why by just browsing through your gorgeous feed! What are your top 3 meal prep tips?

  • Natalie is the sweetest. I do love my prep!

  • My 3 top meal prep tips are:

  1. Choose a day out of every week to commit at least 1-2 hours to meal prepping.

  2. Be organized/have a plan & a grocery list ready to-go.

  3. Keep it simple!

3. Do you have any tips for those trying to eat a wholesome balanced diet on a budget?

Again, keep it simple! Think of whole, real, unpackaged foods. Meal prep helps save time & money too.

4. What does an average morning look like to you?

  • I usually wake up around 5:30am/6:30am depending on if I’m going to pilates/on a run or not. If I have pilates/or am going to a run I roll out of bed, brush my teeth & head out the door.

  • After pilates/my run I come home & make my maca choco milk with marine collagen. My husband is usually at work by this time so I just take a few minutes to enjoy the quiet morning before the go-go-go begins.

  • I typically make a plant-based breakfast shortly after this which always looks a little different. Sometimes I’m craving a green smoothie, GF oatmeal, almond milk yogurt, or just a piece of GF toast.

  • Once I clean up from breakfast I usually sit down & make my to-do list for the day because I love feeling organized. I also find it’s a MUST for me since I work from home now. If I don’t make a list I’m all over the place & don’t prioritize the things that need to get done!

5. What are some of your favourite ways to get your body moving?

Megaformer pilates, running, & walks.

6. Some of your favourite restaurants in your city?

  • Trevor’s At The Tracks in San Juan Capistrano for yummy ceviche, salads & cocktails.

  • Active Culture in San Clemente for the best salads, veggie burger, & smoothies.

  • La Sirena in Laguna Beach for Mexican food.

7. How do you maintain balance?

I just try my best to listen to my body & not be too hard on myself. I find I naturally crave veggies most of the time, but I also crave tacos & cocktails sometimes which is ok!

8. What/who keeps you inspired?

Cookbooks, food photography, so many different food bloggers.

9. What is one of your favourite quotes?

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” I don’t know who said it, but this quote has stuck with me ever since I can remember.

10. What is one of your favourite recipes that you have created so far?

My maca choco milk recipe. I know it’s just a drink, but it’s something I look forward to having every day! Plus, it helps balance my hormones which I love.

Quick-fire round:

Coffee or tea?

Herbal tea!

Favourite blogger?

Samantha Eason of & @sammyjaneeason

Cardio or strength?

Always changing!

Best cooking tip?

Keep it simple!

Who is your cooking inspiration?

Laura Wright from @thefirstmess.

Thanks Jess! Who do you nominate next for the inspired series and why?

Kelsey Bell from @themindfulchef because she is SUCH a light + her posts are always so sweet & inspiring.

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