TNK Holiday Gift Guide: Part I

The Holiday season is all about spending time with the ones you love, feasting on delicious food, and spreading love to those close and not so close around you. However, with an endless list of Christmas events, decorating, gift wrapping, and not to mention shopping I thought I’d bring you a little gift guide for the season.

I’m one to believe that it’s not how big the present it’s the thought that counts. Ultimately, Christmas time is about spending your time with loved ones, rather than getting wrapped in the idea of having to purchase a million gifts. Often, this time of the year most feel pressure to buy, but why not make some granola to give, bake some cookies, or even make a golden milk mix? We don’t have to go out and spend lots of money to give to loved ones around us. Why not spread the love to someone on the streets or give a charitable donation? This time of the year is what you make it, and you decide how you spend it. So don’t feel pressure to spend more than you’re comfortable with and enjoy the Holidays!

I hope this little gift guide comes in handy, I have used if not bought (for others) all of the suggestions mentioned. I have divided my guide up into 2 posts; 1 including all gifts for purchasing and the other including homemade gift ideas!

Emma x

Disclaimer: Only sponsored by bespoke cycle.

  1. For the person who loves Skincare/makeup:

  • Nala Deodorant: By far the best natural deodorant brand I have ever used (and if you know me I have tried a lot!). Vancouver female owned and operated.

  • Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner- Ok I’ll admit, this stuff is expensive AF but it makes your hair incredibly soft. Made with no parabens, chemicals, etc., etc.

rahua .jpeg

  • RMS Beauty Concealer- Forever my favourite concealer coming from someone who barely wears makeup. The base is coconut oil and feels incredibly light!

2. For the Friend who likes to sweat.

  • Girlfriend Collective Tights: I am a huge advocate for sustainable fashion these days, and I myself am trying to cut back on spending money on fast fashion brands. As such, I have discovered brands such as Girlfriend Collective which use post-consumer used plastic bottles to make their tights, and fishing nets to make their lite collection tights. Their colours are gorgeous, and I currently have a pair or two on the way.

  • bespoke Cycle Membership/Ride Package: I am not just putting this out here because I am a part of the Bespoke family, but because I truly think it is the most fun workout in YYT. I have been spinning for over a year, and I can truly say it is a moving meditation for me in the winter months. Also who doesn’t want to spin in the dark to Beyoncé? Get 20% off all memberships and ride packages using my referral word ‘emma20’ until December 3rd. Does not include corp rates, gift cards, or merch.


  • Everlane - Sustainable, ethical, and transparent fashion brand, affordable, and high quality pieces. One of my favourite fashion brand discoveries in 2018. Cute hats, scarves, or a gift card!

  • Reformation - My second favourite fashion brand discovery of 2018. Factory is based out of LA, and they use rescued dead stock fabric to create their pieces. Buying a friend the ‘Love your mother earth’ Joplin tee, which I have and they are ridiculously soft.

    4. For the sustainable/zero waste friend.

  • Dans le Sac - Company based out of Montreal, Quebec. They specialize in zero waste products such as tote bags, reusable produce bags, bread bags, cutlery and more. This year I am giving out reusable produce bags, bread bags, and reusable paper towels.

dans le sac.jpeg
  • S’well bottles - Plastic is one of the world’s largest pollutants, so why not help reduce our impact by giving the gift of helping out our mother? Also not to mention they have a ton of cute prints and sizes to choose from!

5. For the friend who loves ceramics.

  • This year I finally decided to start my ceramic collection, and honestly there’s nothing better than a cute mug to start your day, it’s the little things you know? Some of my favourite ceramic brand discoveries thus far are the following: Boston Potter, East Fork Pottery, Earth & Element, along with Martina Thornhill.

East Fork Pottery

East Fork Pottery

6. For the friend who is looking for a bit of extra inspiration in 2019

  • The Untethered Soul - One of the most enlightening reads of 2018, it pushed me to look inside, stop my inner voice of doubt, and challenge myself. Give this to anyone needing a but of inspiration and those who want to challenge their thoughts and attitude.


  • Chickpea Magazine Posters - I came across a vegan independent magazine this year known as ‘Chickpea’ and they sell the cutest posters for your kitchen, from seasonal vegetables, how to care for herbs, and more!

8. For the foodie.

  • You can’t go wrong with a magazine subscription to keep the food creativity flowing. Bon Appetite for the friend in your life who cooks it all, and Chickpea Magazine for the friend who is into veggies!

9. The BIG gift.

If you’re looking to give someone the ultimate gift this year I would highly recommend a Vitamix. I’ve had mine for years, and they literally can make anything and everything from dips, cookies, muffins, smoothies, and more!

So that clues up my mini gift guide friends, I hope you enjoyed!

Em x

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