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I am so excited to introduce my latest interviewee; Cindy DiPrima Morisse. She is the co-founder of CAP Beauty, a mother, stylist, and author… hopefully I’m not missing because this women is an absolute inspiration!

After visiting CAP Beauty a couple years ago in West Village, I knew I had to get the brains behind the brand on here. Additionally, as a huge fan of the brands values and mission to spread non-toxic natural skincare whilst nourishing your mind and body, I couldn’t help but send Cindy a DM on Instagram. It’s such an honour to have the opportunity to interview her, and I am more than incredibly grateful for her accepting my request, so thank you Cindy!

Alright, I can’t wait any longer so let’s get into it…

Hi Cindy! I am so excited to dive into our interview, but before we do can you please tell readers a bit about yourself? 

I’m a former prop stylist and style editor and am now a cofounder and creative director at CAP Beauty. We’re a natural beauty store and spa with a commitment to stocking only products that are 100% natural, with no synthetics at all. Our philosophy is that true beauty is a function of health and so we’ve broadened the category of beauty to include foods, supplements and tools for meditation and expansion. 

As a co-founder and owner of CAP Beauty, what are some simple ways that individuals can start cleaning up their beauty and skincare regime? 

You don’t need to overhaul it all at once. A simple way to start is to replace a product at a time, as you run out of things. This makes it easier on the wallet and you can ease into things. Remember that natural products are not a compromise. They deliver more radiant skin because they more active and filled with life force and vibrancy. When we take out the synthetic preservatives and fillers, what’s left are nutrient dense, healing and life-giving plant and mineral ingredients.

What would be the most important change that you would recommend?

Deodorant. And not every natural deodorant will work for every body. So if you’ve tried a natural deodorant and it hasn’t worked for you, keep trying. It will be well worth the investment. If you are very sensitive, look for one that is designed for sensitive skin. Agent Nateur and Schmidt’s both make one.

What does a typical morning look like to you? 

Mornings are magical! I try to wake up before my husband and kids. I hit the kitchen and brew a pot of organic coffee (I use a Chemex!) and make lunch for the kids to bring to school. Some days I’ll sneak off to a yoga class and other days I keep it cozy at home. I do an 8 minute headstand on my headstand bench (this is a recommendation from my colonics genius and radical health mentor Gil Jacobs). And then I jump on the rebounder. Such a great way to warm up and stimulate lymphatic flow. Plus it’s REALLY fun! Once the kids are in school, it’s alone time with Laurent plus a bit of planning for dinner. I like to have a plan so I can take stock of what we have on hand, or start soaking grains or legumes. I make a green juice to pack for work and I’m off!

What are some of your favorite ways to get your body moving? 

Running and hot yoga. Hot yoga is new to me, but it’s become a real addiction. I love the sweat and am so drawn to the warmth. I go to Modo, so it isn’t as strict as Bikram and no icky carpeting!

Do you have any tips for women starting a business in the wellness world? 

Yes! Really take stock of what’s missing in the world. And only create something that you would be thrilled to discover. And take care of yourself in the process. Live the life you represent. And make it your mission to inspire others to do the same.

As a clean beauty queen, what are some of your favorite products that you cannot live without? 

InFiore oils have been a staple of mine for years. Julie Elliot is like an alchemist with the most sophisticated nose. Her products have a real vibration to them, healing and sophisticated all at once. I started with Calme oil many years ago. I had more heat in my body then and some redness. Calme really takes it down. Now I’m a much colder person and I need deeper hydration so I use her Calendula oil. Also must haves: Bathing Culture liquid bath soap, Rahua or La Tierra Sagrada shampoo and conditioner, my Karmameju Ionic dry brush and Dark Horse Organics Fermented Dijon.

Kerrilynn Palmer + Cindy DiPrima Morisse. Credit: John Von Palmer

Kerrilynn Palmer + Cindy DiPrima Morisse. Credit: John Von Palmer

As a co-owner of CAP Beauty with locations in NYC and LA, a stylist, mother of two, book author, and wife, how do you establish balance in your daily life? 

Almost every Friday, my family and I hop in the car and drive to our home in the Great Western Catskills. A day there feels like a week. We spend time in nature or indoors with the fireplaces roaring, cook, garden, listen to great music and entertain friends. The best part is: we have no cell phone service and no wifi!

What is one of your go-to weeknight easy meals? 

Its cold in New York right now and I love the Far Out Temple Bowl from our book High Vibrational Beauty. It’s so simple, just coconut milk, onion, green chile, lots of coriander and fresh ginger plus a blended curry powder, tamari and loads of spinach. I serve it with jasmine rice and of course a giant green salad to start. 

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are your favorites? 

So many! I LOVE Mike Perrine from Everyday Detox. (His stories on Instagram are like express podcasts!) but his longford podcast is great too. Lacy Phillips’ Expanded, Rich Roll, Goop and my new favorite Call Her Daddy! It’s insanely risqué but really so funny and a nice break from all the health stuff!

How do you stay inspired? 

I’m so deeply visual and so I love to look at art, photography and especially design. I’m lucky to have a big network of creative friends and partners and we love to send each other our favorite discoveries. 

Favorite Instagram accounts to follow for wellness inspiration? 

The Nakd Kitchen! Plus, Bonberi, Everyday Detox, Amanda Chantal Bacon, Sakara, Healthyish (even though there’s nothing “ish” about my personal approach!), Esen Health and of course CAP Beauty!

Favorite restaurants in NYC?

Dimes, abcv, Cafe Clover and EN Japanese Brasserie

Quick fire round!  

Matcha or coffee? Both!

Yoga or cardio? Yoga! (Oh wait, running is cardio right? Then both!)

Sweet or savoury breakfast? I don’t really eat breakfast but my first meal of the day is (unwaveringly) a green juice. And I do advocate for adding fruit! So sweet, I think.

Thanks so much for chatting with me Cindy, it was such an honor. Who would you like to see interviewed next as a part of the inspired series? 

Mike Perrine of Everyday Detox and Vitality NYC.

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