Inspiration: Angie of Healthful Radiance

I’m so excited to have Angie on as part of the inspired series! You could say that Ang is the hummus/bowl/smoothie queen, and amongst all things she has one of the biggest hearts I’ve every met. I sometimes refer to her as my internet twin because we share the same type of humour which most people around myself don’t get… anyways let’s get on with the interview!

Hey Angie! So excited to have you join the ‘Inspired Series’ here on the blog! First off can you please tell readers a little bit about yourself?

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Hi! Happy to be here :) I’m an *almost* 21 year old (few weeks away) college student and lover of all things health, wellness, and hummus. Deserves it’s own mention. Currently located in NYC and am 100% a city girl at heart!

When and why did you start Healthful Radiance?

About 5 years ago when I was beginning my eating disorder recovery, I followed hundreds of recovery accounts to simply find meal inspiration for my meal plan. Eventually I decided to bite the bullet and start my own account. I was posting every single thing I ate, breakfast through dinner plus 3 snacks. My account was my way of holding myself accountable. I’d think, “Okay, so all twelve of my followers saw I’m having a sandwich for lunch. Now I have to follow through and eat it”.

As I was getting better and restoring my relationship with food, I fell in love with cooking. I was no longer following a meal plan, so my account transitioned from a recovery food diary to a showcase of the meals I was making (OG followers will remember my *favorite* oatmeal banana bowls at the time). When I moved toward cooking and wellness, I buried a lot of my recovery focus because I felt I had to shed that phase of my life in order to leave it behind..

Once my platform grew in size (something I never ever ever anticipated), I decided to use my voice to share my story- eating disorder and all. While my intentions from the start never envisioned a blog that fuelled *hopefully* positive change, I think I’ve finally found my why. 5 years later!

What is one of the most rewarding aspects of starting your blog/Instagram?

Connecting with like-minded individuals, and I’m not just talking people who also love veggies. My presence on Instagram has allowed me to meet and get to know real, genuine people with real, genuine passion. I struggled with my eating disorder all of high school so making friends was always hard for me. I never had a “group”, mostly because my disorder sent me into isolation from all social situations... but also because my illness was my identity. I never found a sense of self and this kept me from truly connecting with other people around me. Now I’m a junior in college and thanks to Instagram, I feel like I’ve finally found lifelong friends.

How do you manage running a full-time blog and school?

Oooooof this is a great one. The only answer that feels suitable is, “Somehow I Manage”, the title of Michael Scott’s business book. It would be a disservice to anyone reading if I didn’t toss in at least one nod to The Office.

In all seriousness though, I think the best thing I did for myself in regard to my blog was develop a raw and real voice on it. I’m not a professional recipe blog, I’m a lifestyle blog, and part of showing your followers your life is keeping it real. Some weeks school takes priority and I don’t have a day to develop recipes, and that’s okay. I share this with my following and they appreciate seeing what it’s *really* like to be balancing multiple commitments at once. I post mostly in real time, meaning that I don’t plan and shoot recipes in advance. I used to think I had to do this in order to run a successful blog, but it was causing me so much stress and I found myself sacrificing studying to bake cookies…

All that to say that I manage to run both because I don’t try to micromanage both. I let both happen naturally, and I think that has been key for me.

How do you stay inspired?

My dad! He’s an amazing cook and adores being in the kitchen. He grew up watching his grandparents cooking day and night, every day, so he’s my go-to resource on everything kitchen-related. Think flavor combos, new ingredients, etc.. I’ll pick up a new-to-me vegetable at Whole Foods and snap a pic right there to send to my dad. “What is this?”. And literally five minutes later he not only has an old-family recipe using it, but also a great memory to go with it. It’s awesome, and always reminds me that my content is more than just a picture of my lunch. It’s the passion and intrigue and excitement that happen in the kitchen leading up to it.

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Self-care practices you cannot live without?

Tea time! I have at least two huge mugs of tea every night before bed...regardless of what time it is. I find that forcing myself to go downstairs and make a mug and just sit for five minutes at the table allows me to breathe and reflect on the day I had before heading to bed.

You seem to hit up all the hotspot workout classes in NYC… What are some of your favorite workouts/studios in the city?

Hahaha it’s my favorite pastime. No I’m kidding, but I like to take advantage of living in NYC because it’s such a hub for all things fitness (especially up-and-coming classes and studios). While I’ve tried my fair share my favorite will always be Tone House, not only because it’s the most unique and challenging workout I’ve ever done, but also because the friends I have made there have such a special place in my heart.

Some of your favorite cafes?

Last summer I had an internship in Soho and it was minutes away from a Dr. Smood cafe. If you’re not familiar with this spot, it’s a super health-forward cafe that is ridiculously overpriced but insanely delicious. I was barely making any money (intern life!) but heading there nearly every day for a dreamy red velvet latte (think beets and every adaptogen under the sun). Sacrifices, right?

What’s your go-to easy weeknight dinner?

Curry or chili! I always make a massive batch of one of these at the beginning of the week so I can just heat and eat after night class. Love my dinners at 9 PM :)  Seriously such a lifesaver, and after a long day, I’m always down for something hearty and filling!

What are some of your favorite blogs/Instagram accounts to follow to help stay inspired?

@thenakdkitchen, duh.

Hahaha sorry but you’re on my list, hope you don’t mind! Right now I’m currently obsessed with every single post from:




Please share your favorite recipe below:

Am I allowed to declare my own signature recipe? If so, this is it.

Chickpea + Eggplant Ratatouille

Who would you like to see next on the inspired series and why?

I think my friend Britt over at @thebananadiaries would be an awesome candidate. She’s doing amazing work in the recovery and wellness space, and is so knowledgeable on all the cool stuff I’m not (like healing crystals and energies and quantum physics...yep, beauty and brains!). Plus she’s an amazing cook. We had a Friendsgiving at her place so I can attest to this!

Quick Fire Round:

Coffee or tea?

Tea. Tea tea tea tea. I’ve actually never been a coffee drinker!

Cardio or yoga?

I have a really hard time meditating and relaxing. I try to do a five-minute yoga flow each morning and even that’s hard for me, but I’m working on it! Not really into cardio either, but come springtime I absolutely adore a brisk short run around my childhood neighborhood.

Sweet or salty?

Salty 4ever

Emma Hyslop