Grocery Tips + Tricks

You know what? This might seem a bit strange to you, but I love grocery shopping… like it’s probably one of my favourite weekend activities. I know that online options have been popping up for busy bees, however I just love the feeling of walking through the doors, crossing items off my list, loading my car up, and coming home to cook with fresh ingredients to cook with.

In the summer months on a Saturday I am often found at the farmer’s market, chatting with farmers to find out what’s in season, and coming home with my freshly picked goods to make a salad, or something of that nature. As soon as I got my drivers license in the 11th grade, I basically vowed to do the grocery shopping from then on. Any who, let’s get on to my list and tips!


Produce is definitely something that changes with the seasons, right now we are into spring so I’ve loaded up on asparagus, peas, etc. Some items that remain staples in my fridge all year round are: berries, bananas, spinach, kale, apples, and avocados. I don’t buy all things organic, however I try my best to purchase berries, spinach, and other leafy greens organic as they are sprayed the most. I attached the list of the “Clean 15” and the “Dirty Dozen” to give you an idea of what you should aim to purchase organic, however if you don’t, trying your best is what matters the most!

Buying in Bulk:

Shopping at Costco is not a regular activity for me, because you know it’s always like a zoo in there. Anyways on the odd occasion that I do venture to Costco I’ve found the following to be the best bang for my buck: Chosen Foods avocado oil, almond flour, nut + seeds (if you buy in bulk I recommend storing them in mason jars in the fridge (keeps them from going off)), larabars, dates, guacamole, Silver Hill’s bread, and Brew Dr. Kombucha.


When it comes to buying frozen food, I usually get peas, cauliflower, berries, and avocado for adding to smoothies, etc. Buying frozen fruit and veg is just as good as fresh and can save money.


Eating mostly plant-based means I stock up on organic tempeh, tofu, edamame, beans (aduki, black, kidney), and lentils on a regular basis.


When it comes to grains, I always have a batch of cooked brown rice in the fridge. It’s easy, versatile, and you can add it to any base of greens, protein, and you’ve got an easy meal for yourself. I stock up on oats, quinoa, along with barley (occasionally for soup)).


Oils like olive, avocado, and coconut are my go-to’s. I stock up on coconut yogurt, avocados, cashew cheeses (occasionally if I feel fancy), tahini, almond butter, and peanut butter.

Quick Tips:

  1. Take your bags with you! You’ll save your wallet and the environment!

  2. Bring a list (I provided one below that I follow on the regular), it reduces the risk of potentially buying more than you need!

  3. Plan out some of your meals to give you an idea of what you’re going to be needing to make it throughout the week.

My Shopping List: Click here to download.

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Emma Hyslop