Unplugging for 24 hours + My Thoughts on Social Media

Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling? Comparing yourself to others? Does going on social media bring you joy or does it leave you feeling drained? I think that at one point or another some of us can experience the negative aspects of social media. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media and I think it has a time and a place like everything in life. Social media has enabled me to connect so many incredible people across the world and for that I am forever grateful. But being honest the last week or so I have felt this overwhelming sense of comparison and negativity when I scroll on the internet. You know people frolicking on the beach, living their best lives, globetrotting the world, and you just start asking yourself why am I not doing that, or I am not good enough?

I started blogging when I really struggled with food, I would get up, make my breakfast, take a shot of it, and throw it out on Instagram. It became so therapeutic for me as I started to heal my relationship with food. I’ve made friends, opened up about some stuff about my own life whilst still reserving space for myself offline. However, I myself have stepped back a bit from social media. I love this space and continue to share what I love, but it will be more intentional more purpose which is what I have been steadily practicing over the past month or so.

In honour of my little social media reset I will be unplugging completely from all devices this Saturday. I can’t even say I remember going one day without my phone and that’s honestly pretty sad. My time will be filled with loving on my animals, spending time outdoors, friends, and connecting with the real world. After running my poll last night, I was honestly heartbroken to know that almost 80% of people feel poorly about their social media usage, and I think we could all use a 24 hour reset.

Remember that social media is an amazing tool for connection and inspiration, but it’s not to be taken too seriously. We need to stop trying to emulate strangers on the internet and only use it as a tool to uplift our days and improve our days.

I really think it’s a good time to unplug for a day, and see how we all feel. If you’d like to join me your more than welcome to. It will be nice to unplug and live in the real world for a little while. I’ll be back with more recipes, a clearer mind, and driven with more purpose. Although it’s only a day I think it’s something we could all use. I will see you real soon with more recipes, a clearer mind, and more purpose :) I hope you have a beautiful weekend and enjoy unplugging if you end up doing it :)

Big Love,

Emma x

If you have any thoughts or comments, I would love to hear them so please do share them below!

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