A Few of my Favourite Things

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I just want to share what I’ve been loving with you in hopes to inspire you throughout the month of October!

I love sharing new sources of inspiration with you guys, so I decided to start this little series known as “A Few of my Favourite Things.” It kinda sounds like Oprah’s Favorite Things list but trust me, I am not Oprah and unfortunately you are not getting a car and there is not a free gift under your seat.

However, I thought it would be be refreshing to start sharing new sources of inspiration that I discovered throughout the previous month of September, and going forward each month doing a month in review. I can hardly belief that it’s the first of October, and I have a busy month planned for this space and for a few of my personal projects coming up.

This month on the blog you’ll see a ton of cozy recipes coming up, from warming stews that will stick to your ribs with the dipping temperatures, to baking recipes, and maybe some Halloween themed recipes (will see).

October is undeniably my favourite month for cozy clothes, pumpkin spiced flavoured everything, carving pumpkins, thanksgiving, and watching Halloween movies while curled up on the sofa sipping on a golden milk or hot chocolate. You know how obsessed I am with fall if you’ve been around for a while!

Additionally, with a new fresh month brings intentions meaning that I try to set a few goals for the month ahead to help keep myself accountable for self-improvement and reflection. By setting intentions or goals as some might say, I by no means pressure myself to accomplish every item on my list. For myself, setting intentions essentially means looking at what I can improve on and forgiving myself when I do not meet them.

Well onto this new series that I am so excited to share with you, and if you have sources of inspiration that helped inspired you in September please send them my way!

Emma xo

  1. Inspiring me on Pinterest

    I did finally decided to start a Pinterest account and I have obsessively been pinning autumn candid shots and recipes to make throughout the month. You can check out my new account here if you care to take a gander!

2. Podcasts

In September I listened to more than a handful of podcasts and two of my favourites were Deliciously Ella’s new Podcast series and One Part Podcast from Jessica Murnane. Ella Mill’s delved into food waste, the importance of gut health, and numerous other health/wellness topics with professionals. Jessica Murnane’s One Part Podcast interviews some of the most inspiring individuals in the health/wellness world like Laura Wright of The First Mess and Andrea Bemis of Dishing up the Dirt. Definitely recommend that you give them a listen! I have provided the links below:

One Part Podcast

The Deliciously Ells Podcast

3. Ceramics

After finally giving into my desire to order more ceramics, I recently ordered a few dishes from East Fork Pottery- a ceramic company owned by husband and wife Alex and Connie Matisse of Ashville, North Carolina. All of their stoneware clay is regionally sourced and their pieces are timeless. You will definitely see these all over my Instagram soon. The pieces I got included: The Everyday Bowl, a Side Plate (for toast), and The Tumbler (unfortunately out of stock now).

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 10.55.17 AM.png

4. Blogs

  1. Dishing Up the Dirt- Owned by Andrea Bemis from Parkdale, Oregon, her husband Taylor and her run a 6 acre farm known as “Tumbleweed Farm.” They successfully run a CSA program that delivers fresh produce to over 50 households. After long days spent in the field, Andrea comes home to her kitchen develop fresh dishes with seasonal ingredients. Andrea’s love for farming and cooking with minimal ingredients definitely shows through in her work, and I am so happy to have discovered her blog!

  2. Half Baked Harvest- I’ve been familiar with Tieghan’s blog for quite sometime now, but I have been so inspired by her food photography, unique recipes, and undeniable humble hard work. Although her recipes are not plant-based, you will definitely find something to inspire you on her blog to make for a weeknight dinner.

  3. julesdenby- Although not really a blog, Julie Denby’s fashion/photography literally represents me in pictures. From her tomboy chic style to her overflowing amount of fall scenes, her whitty captions, and her super cute son Gabe; you have to follow this girl!

  4. simply.living.well- Julia has dedicated her life to zero-waste, and her elegant photos illustrate how to up cycle items we once thought were trash into making them beautiful accents in her home, to storage, and more. Julia also shares a ton of tips/recipes for natural skincare and household cleaning products.

5. Recipes

Pumpkin Butternut + Barley Apple Stew- This one is undeniably one of my favourite stews I’ve made recently, full with warming spices, creamy squash, beans, and barley to help keep you satisfied. Not only have I been loving it, but I’ve got sent so many of you guys creating it; thank you so much for sharing!

pumpkin stew.jpg

6. Clothes

Lucy & Yak- I recently discovered Lucy & Yak; a British company that focuses on creating ethical, sustainable, and comfortable overalls. I love supporting transparent brands and their motto “if it’s not comfortable why are you wearing it?” resonates with what I look for when purchasing clothes and my style. Not to mention they send you a cute handmade bag made from recycled materials, and you can use them for your sweaty gym clothes. If you’re looking for some comfy and cute overalls I definitely recommend you check them out!

7. Favourite Quote

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Since interviewing Natalie Archer this month, I took more than her favourite quote away, however it seemed to really stick with me. Last month I was challenged with unkind attitudes towards myself from others, and often I tend to dwell on the negative comments, however I am working on this with each hurdle. This quote seemed to stick and reminded me that others negative attitude towards you does not have to bring you down and inevitably you are in control of how you feel. Just remember kindness goes a long way, and everyone is trying to do their best.

8. Recipes to try this month.

  1. Cookie + Kate’s Pumpkin Pecan Scones with Maple Glaze

  2. cleaneatsbytay Pumpkin Oatmeal Bake

  3. The First Mess’ Basil Tahini Pasta with Mushrooms + Burst Tomatoes

I hope you enjoyed my favourite things, and please let me know some of yours in the comments below! xo

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