Inspiration: Erin Morrissey

In the beginning of 2018 I had the goal to interview one wellness influencer that I feel is truly making a difference by helping others achieve balance through food, fitness, and mental health.

This month I had the honor to interview Erin Morrissey of Erin Lives Whole, she is foodie/wellness blogger who shares her delicious recipes through her blog and Instagram which are all created with natural and wholesome ingredients. Although Erin keeps nutrition and wellness at the forefront of her mind when creating her recipes, they definitely do not lack in flavor or indulgence. Erin's inspiring attitude can be attributed to her main message and goal to help others achieve balance and happiness with food, fitness, and overall wellness by living whole; hence where she got the name! Erin truly is a woman who is inspiring others to live the best versions of themselves through total wellness, and I hope you enjoy reading her interview! Also a huge thank you to Erin for doing the interview!



Erin Morrissey

Where are you from?

Philadelphia, PA

What inspired you to start  Erin Lives Whole?

Over the past few years, I have really developed a love for creating and eating healthy foods that make me feel good. Of course I still love my treats because I’m human you know, but I found that eating nutritious food is what makes me feel my best. The best part about my approach? There aren’t any “rules”. I really wanted to have a place where I could share that with others!

How did you come up with the name?

Erin Lives Whole came from the sense that I eat real, whole foods. I find that when I eat foods that are filled with whole ingredients (even those that society may deem “healthy or unhealthy”), I feel so much better physically and mentally. You’ll see from the sample list of whole eats I listed above, some have a reputation for being healthy while others don’t. And that is exactly the point – we are humans who are meant to enjoy eating and develop a diet with a variety of different foods. No one is meant to eat only grilled plain chicken and veggies for dinner every night for the rest of their lives. But no one should also only eat flash-frozen meals loaded with preservatives and other crap forever, either.

In addition to eating whole, I also believe in feeling whole when it comes to working out. To me, this means finding different ways to move my body because I genuinely like the way they make me feel. Some days this may mean going for a run, while others it might mean taking a yoga class. It may also mean doing absolutely nothing. Sometimes that is the best and most needed thing – I really believe in listening to what my body is telling me.

Living whole in my eyes requires a sense of relaxation and happiness. I’ve worked so hard to create this new whole lifestyle and it has changed my life over the past year. Of course, I’m not perfect and I don’t always live up to these standards 100% of the time, but I definitely try my best to do whatever it takes to bring myself happiness. I’m a work in progress but that’s what makes Erin Lives Whole authentically me.

Where do you get all of your amazing recipe ideas from?

Most of my best recipe ideas are ones that have just came to me throughout the weeks! There is a lot going on in this brain! ☺ I also scroll through magazines, watch tv shows, and follow other food bloggers which help inspire my ideas.

What are your top three favourite recipes you’ve created?

My healthy banana bread, my chocolate chickpea brownies, and my flourless sea salt almond butter cookies.

What is your favourite way to get your body moving?

Spin class!

If you were stuck on an island and could only bring three foods what would they be?

Banana bread

Who inspires you?

Food blogger? – Kelsey from Little Bits of Real Food
In life – my parents. They rock.

What brings you joy?

Friday nights with delicious meals, a glass of wine, and my boyfriend. Oh and dessert!

Describe your perfect day:

Wake up and work out, go to a spin class– I’m a morning person for sure! Followed up by getting a latte from one of my favorite local coffee shops, then spending some time in my kitchen baking. After that I would meet friends for happy hour, going out to my favorite vegan restaurant, and then getting ice cream for dessert! BALANCE!

What are some of your favourite cafés that are a must if in your city?

Restaurant- Charlie was a Sinner.
Coffee Shops – Function Coffee Labs, Menagerie, and La Colombe.

Quick-Fire Round:

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Yoga or cardio? Cardio

Spicy or sweet? Sweet

Juice or smoothie? Smoothie

Warm or cold breakfast? Warm!

Some of Erin's Favourite Recipes: 

Chocolate Chickpea Brownies

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