Travel Guide: Southern California

HI GUYS, so this post is long overdue, cause let’s be real I was in California over two months ago. I also don’t want to bore you with my usual “school took over my life for the last two months” spiel, but if I’m being completely honest; it did. However, I am so excited to be back and actually writing a post for once, and I love sharing my favourite healthy restaurant discoveries from my vacations with you! If you’re wondering why I went to California my family members live outside of LA county and went to go visit them, also for a “just because” vacation during break to get a complete reset before heading back.

To me, travel is a form of self-care. Getting outside exploring what a city has to offer, observing the different culture and all that the place has to offer helps you grow, form your opinions, and challenge preexisting beliefs. I truly believe that everyone should have the chance to travel at least once in their life, even if that means not leaving your country but getting out and seeing what our world has to offer!

So as always, I created my healthy city guide to LA, and there is no shortage of healthy options in California at ALL. I’m talking kombucha on tap, adaptogenic lattes everywhere, vegan cheese, and an endless supply of juice/smoothie bars to satisfy any health nut’s dreams. Let’s just say I drank and ate my share fair of healthy food/lattes that Southern California has to offer, and there is still a ton of places I want to try out when I visit next. I hope you find the guide helpful, and if you have any favourite food spots in LA please let me know as I would love to hear!

With love,

Emma x

1.Café Gratitude– This place is 100% vegan, but appeals to those who aren’t. They offer a ton of comfort foods like burritos, chips and guac, donuts, and more, so I definitely recommend this spot if you want to go somewhere that will appeal to all. Not to mention the positive energy and vibes this place gives off is contagious.

2. Maibu Farm– Although not in LA, this place is seriously one of my favourite spots in the world. Located on Malibu pier, they serve farm to table cuisine and definitely know how to appeal to everyones palates. I got the black bean and butternut squash tacos along with some mango sorbet to end off the meal. The Malibu Farm Café located at the end of the pier along with a shop (check it out if you have time), and the restaurant is at the beginning of the pier which we dined at! If you’re looking for fresh food done well with beautiful scenery Malibu Farm is your spot.

3. Moon Juice– Although not technically a restaurant, Moon Juice is out of this world amazing. They offer all the adaptogenic lattes anyone could dream of, and their adaptogenic donuts and cinnamon roll are pretty much the best thing I’ve ever tasted, I also got the pearl matcha. Moon Juice is expensive so it’s more of a “treat yourself” place.

4. Erewhon– If you don’t go to Erewhon as a health nut, did you really go to LA? Just kidding, but Erewhon is an upgraded version of Whole Foods (I didn’t even think that was possible), they have all the health foods that anyone could ever want. A wall of kombucha, granola, and a cafe that serves adaptogenic lattes, fresh food all made in-store (I got their raw burrito and vegan kale caesar salad which were both sooo frickin good).

5. Pressed Juicery– Pressed is the OG of juice places, and their pressed freeze is the BEST; it’s literally only dates, almonds, and a few other ingredients mixed into soft serve. I got the almond butter cookie along with some other juices.

Where I didn’t get to try but you should:

  1. Honey Hi– Sunset Blvd. Honey Hi serves healthy bowls that cater to every diet. They incorporate fresh and (mostly) organic ingredients into all their dishes which can range from bowls, shakshuka, sandwiches, adaptogenic lattes, and more! I need to go next time I’m back in LA.

  2. Botanica– Silverlake Blvd. Lots of healthy plates, bowls, and juices that cater to a wide variety of diets.

  3. Matchabar– Matchabar literally only serves matcha (which I love), so visiting a place like matchabar is a dream.